Some of our happy clients have this to say:

Katherine Moodycliffe

"Thanks to Dave my tired garden beds and pots are now blooming and my garden has been transformed from bland to bright. Dave's clever water-wise planting has made all the difference and my garden still looks great even in the drought."

Sue Goldstein

Hi David
We are so thrilled with what you have done to our garden.
I was sceptical about removing the grass but it has turned out beautifully.
You certainly worked hard and unobtrusively.
Am happy to give a personal recommendation at anytime.
Good luck

Marjolaine Krug

"Dave did some extensive work in my garden last year including creating different levels and surfaces, designing a pathway and transforming my front garden in an indigenous garden. He did a fantastic job and what he delivered was more than my expectations. I particularly enjoyed his ability to transform space and see what will work according to your budget. I love the choice of plants and flowers he selected for my garden. Thanks Dave for a great job and all the best to you in the future. Marjolaine"

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